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Watercolour Set Sennelier Extra Fine...

Watercolour Set Sennelier Extra Fine 6 Tubs of 10ml. Iridescent and pastel colours

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Este set de Acuarela Extrafina Sennelier viene presentado en una caja metálica con 6 tubos de 10ml. Este set de introducción de colores metálicos es ideal para creaciones sobre soportes oscuros o claros debido a su intensidad. Colores Iridiscentes tan intensos sobre un fondo blanco u oscuros.


Sennelier Watercolour Extra Fine is well known for its luminosity and brilliance due to its composition based on honey and the best shellac. This set of iridescent watercolour colours is ideal for discovering and starting to work with metallic shades.

In addition to its preserving agents, nectar gives Sennelier's extra-fine watercolours an incomparable smoothness and luminosity. In the quest for excellence, Sennelier has perfected its watercolour by integrating more honey to reinforce the colour fastness of the colours, giving them more brilliance and luminosity. A French handcrafted product.

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