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SCHMINCKE Watercolor Horadam Metallic...
SCHMINCKE Watercolor Horadam Metallic...
SCHMINCKE Watercolor Horadam Metallic...
SCHMINCKE Watercolor Horadam Metallic...

SCHMINCKE Watercolor Horadam Metallic Box 12 1/2 godets

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The prestigious German brand Schmincke, presents its premium watercolor Hoiradam in this metallic box of 12 colors with a selection of shades in a half godet format. It also comes with an elegant leatherette case.

Contains Colors:

215 Lemon Yellow

217 Quinacridone Gold

218 Transparent Orange

341 Geranium Red

352 Magenta

371 Perylene Violet

493 French Ultramarine

479 Helium Cerulean

519 Phthalo Green

524 May Green

784 Perylene Green

782 Neutral Tint


Welcome to the world of high quality watercolor with the SCHMINCKE Watercolor Horadam Metallic Box 12 1/2 godets and Leather Case. This exceptional watercolor box contains a careful selection of vibrant, durable colors designed specifically to meet the needs of the most demanding artists.

The heavy-duty metal box not only protects your watercolors, but is also portable and convenient to take with you anywhere. With its compact and sleek design, it is ideal for beginner artists and professionals alike. The box features 12 1/2 godets, which means you have a wide range of colors to explore and create magnificent works of art.

The quality of SCHMINCKE Horadam watercolors is second to none. These watercolors are highly pigmented and offer excellent lightfastness, which means your artwork will maintain its brilliance and vibrancy over time. The colors blend easily and adhere smoothly to the paper, allowing you to create translucent layers and wash effects with great ease.

In addition to the exceptional quality of the watercolors, this box comes with a genuine leather case that adds a touch of luxury and extra protection. The leather case is designed to fit the metal box perfectly, providing secure storage and ensuring that your watercolors are protected from scratches and damage during transport.

Whether you're an amateur artist or a seasoned professional, the SCHMINCKE Watercolor Horadam Metal Box 12 1/2 godets and Leather Case is a perfect choice. Explore your creativity and unleash your imagination with intense, long-lasting colors. Every brushstroke will be a smooth and satisfying experience, thanks to the exceptional quality of these watercolors.

Don't settle for less when it comes to your artwork. Invest in the excellence of SCHMINCKE Horadam watercolors and enjoy amazing results. With this metal case and leather case, you'll have everything you need to take your watercolor passion to the next level.

Take this opportunity to purchase the SCHMINCKE Horadam Watercolor Metallic Box 12 1/2 godets and Leather Case at a competitive price and discover why artists around the world trust this renowned brand. Order now and get ready to immerse yourself in a world of color and creativity without limits!


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