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SCHMINCKE Horadam Essential Color Set...
SCHMINCKE Horadam Essential Color Set...

SCHMINCKE Horadam Essential Color Set 6 tubes of 5 ml.

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The HORADAM Essential watercolor set contains two shades of yellow, red and blue, one warm and one cool. This is important for mixing.
The purest tones are created when only warm or cool colors are mixed together. But the other mixtures also produce beautiful softened colors and with only six colors a wide spectrum of colors can be mixed.


Discover the exceptional quality of SCHMINCKE watercolors with the Horadam Essential Colors Set. This watercolor set offers you a carefully curated selection of essential colors, ensuring you have the basic shades needed for your artistic creations.

The set includes 6 x 5 ml tubes of SCHMINCKE Horadam watercolors in a versatile and balanced color palette. Each tube contains a highly pigmented, professional-quality paint that blends smoothly on paper, allowing you to create a wide range of effects and shades.

The essential colors included in this set are selected to offer maximum versatility and coverage in your artwork. From warm and cool tones to must-have neutrals, these colors will allow you to mix and match for a variety of vibrant and subtle colors.

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