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TINTORETTO Brush REF. 923 Synthetic...

TINTORETTO Brush REF. 923 Synthetic AMBAR Calligraphic Brush

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Tintoretto Brush Amber Series. Amber fibre is a synthetic fibre that is resistant to wear and elastic. This makes it a durable and reliable brush.

The peculiar shapes that make up this line are designed with the aim of making it easy for the hobbyist to make quick pictorial strokes of various shapes and sizes with any colour, on any support. The classic shapes of the 943, 874, 846 series represent a more economical alternative to the 707, 708, 709 series in which we mount the same identical heads but with a non-rolling hexagonal shank.


Immerse yourself in a world of artistic possibilities with the Tintoretto Amber Synthetic Brush. Designed for the most passionate and creative artists, this brush represents the very essence of innovation and quality. Each stroke becomes a unique expression of your imagination, and with the Tintoretto Amber Synthetic Brush, every stroke is imbued with exceptional warmth and versatility.

The brushes in Tintoretto's Amber line are made from high quality fibres that ensure a smooth and uncomplicated painting experience. The inherent warmth of these fibres adds a special touch to your creations, allowing you to convey emotion and depth in every brushstroke.

Versatility is the backbone of Tintoretto Amber Synthetic brushes. From delicate watercolours to bold oil strokes, these brushes are designed to adapt to a wide range of artistic techniques. The flexibility and responsiveness of the fibres allow your ideas to flow without restriction, giving you the control you need to bring your artistic vision to life.

Experience perfection in every detail with the Tintoretto Amber Synthetic Brush. Each fibre has been carefully selected to ensure even colour application and optimal paint retention. Whether you are creating subtle shadow transitions or applying vibrant layers of colour, this brush becomes an extension of your hand, giving you results that will exceed your expectations.

Tintoretto's Amber line is not only synonymous with quality, but also represents a commitment to long-term durability and performance. Robust construction and meticulous attention to detail ensure that these brushes are a valuable investment in your artistic quest. From canvas to paper, the Tintoretto Amber Synthetic Brush is with you every step of the way.

Whether you are a passionate amateur or a professional artist in search of exceptional tools, the Tintoretto Amber Synthetic Brush invites you to explore new frontiers in creativity. Combine quality, versatility and warmth in every stroke and discover how your creations come to life with a unique intensity.

Tipo de Pelo
Synthetic Fibre

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