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MAGNANI Italy Watercolour Paper...
MAGNANI Italy Watercolour Paper...

MAGNANI Italy Watercolour Paper 56x76cm 300gr 100% Cotton FINE GRAIN 3+2Sheets

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Promotion of 5 Maganani Watercolour Paper Sheets

Special offer: Buy 3 sheets and get 2 for free.

Exceptional quality: Machine-made paper in a round shape, 100% cotton and acid-free.

Fine grain: Ideal for artists looking for durability and maximum quality in their work.


Promotion of 5 Maganani Watercolour Paper Sheets

Discover the excellence of watercolour paper with our special offer of 5 sheets of Maganani Paper. In this promotion, when you buy 3 sheets, you will receive 2 additional sheets free of charge, allowing you to enjoy more material for your art projects.

Main features:

High quality manufacturing: This paper is produced on a round machine, a traditional process that guarantees the uniformity and strength of the paper.

Premium Material: Composed of 100% cotton, this paper offers a natural texture and optimum absorbency, which is essential for watercolour techniques.

Acid-free: The absence of acids in its composition ensures that your artwork will not deteriorate over time, maintaining its vibrant colours and structural integrity.

Fine Grain: The fine grain texture provides a smooth surface that allows for fine detail and even pigment distribution. It is the perfect choice for artists looking for a clean, professional finish.

Advantages of Use:

Durability: Thanks to its composition and manufacturing process, Maganani Paper is extremely durable, withstanding the passage of time and the most demanding working techniques.

Versatility: Ideal for experienced watercolourists and beginners alike, this paper can withstand a variety of techniques and layers of paint without warping or damage.

Painting Experience: The combination of its fine texture and absorbency allows for a fluid and controlled painting experience, enhancing your creativity and facilitating the realisation of intricate details.

Ideal For:

Professional artists looking for the best quality for their works.

Art students who wish to practice on a high-performance paper.

Any watercolour enthusiast who values durability and superior quality.

Take advantage of this incredible promotion and elevate the quality of your artistic creations with Maganani Watercolour Paper. With this buy 3 get 2 free offer, you'll have more material to explore your creativity and perfect your technique. Don't miss this opportunity to work with a paper that lives up to your highest expectations.

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