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PAINT'ON Paper Roll 1,3x10m....

PAINT'ON Paper Roll 1,3x10m. Multi-technique 250gr. SAGE

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The Paint'On multi-technique paper roll in the shade VERDIGRIS is ideal for following the current trend. It brings a natural touch to your creations, giving depth to light colours and character to iridescent paints - a vintage look guaranteed!


Paint'On Multi-Technique Paper Roll in the shade VERDIGRIS is a product that perfectly matches the current trend, bringing a natural and sophisticated touch to your artistic creations. This soft and delicate shade adds depth and character to light colours, while enhancing the beauty of iridescent paints. With this paper, you can achieve a vintage look that is guaranteed to capture attention and captivate your audience.

The VERDIGRIS shade of Paint'On Multi-Technique Paper Roll is a unique and special shade that evokes the patina of aged copper. This soft, muted green colour is in tune with current design and art trends, bringing a natural, organic look to your artwork. It is a perfect choice for those looking to create pieces that blend harmoniously into contemporary and sophisticated environments.

One of the outstanding qualities of this paper is its ability to highlight light colours. The VERDIGRIS shade acts as a magnificent backdrop that adds depth and dimension to lighter shades. Your colours will be enhanced and take on a new level of expression, creating a sense of luminosity and life in your artwork.

In addition, Paint'On Multi-Technique Paper Roll in VERDIGRIS is perfect for iridescent paints. The contrast between the soft tone of the paper and the shimmering glitter of the iridescent paints creates a fascinating visual effect. Your works will acquire a special shine and a sense of movement, capturing attention and creating a unique visual impact.

Not only is it a high-quality paper with an exceptional VERDIGRIS tone, but it is also versatile and durable. It is suitable for a variety of artistic techniques, such as watercolour, ink, gouache and more. Its smooth, durable surface allows your strokes to glide smoothly and gives you the freedom to express yourself creatively without limitations.

In short, Paint'On Multi-Technique Paper Roll in VERDIGRIS is an exceptional choice for those who want to create artwork with a natural and sophisticated touch. Its soft, muted tone brings depth to light colours and character to iridescent paints, providing a guaranteed vintage look. Discover the creative potential of this paper and be inspired by its unique tonality to create works of art that will captivate and enchant your audience.


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