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Plastic Pallet with 12 containers...

Plastic Pallet with 12 containers 21x15,5x3cm

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Plastic Palette with 12 Containers - 21x15,5x3 cm

The Plastic Palette with 12 Containers is an essential tool for artists, designed for easy mixing and storage of paints. Measuring 21x15,5x3 cm, this palette offers ample space for creating and storing various colour mixtures.


Plastic Palette with 12 Containers - 21x15,5x3 cm

The Plastic Palette with 12 Containers is a practical and versatile tool for artists of all levels. Made of durable, high quality plastic, this palette is designed to withstand daily use and facilitate the creative process, allowing for efficient organisation of paints and mixtures.

Main features

Generous Dimensions: With a size of 21x15,5x3 cm, this palette provides enough space to work comfortably, allowing the artist to have a large surface to mix colours.

12 Integrated Containers: The palette features 12 individual compartments, ideal for pouring, mixing and storing different colours and shades of paint. These containers help keep mixtures organised and ready to use at any time.

Additional Mixing Space: In addition to the individual containers, the pallet has a large central area for additional mixing, providing flexibility and convenience during the painting process.

Durable Material: Made of high quality plastic, this paddle is lightweight yet durable, easy to clean and maintain, ensuring a long service life.

Functionality and Use

Ideal for Various Painting Techniques: Whether you work with watercolours, acrylics, gouache or other painting techniques, this palette is perfect for keeping your colours organised and accessible.

Efficient Organisation: The 12 bins allow artists to organise their paints by colour or shade, facilitating a more efficient and orderly workflow.

Portability: Thanks to its compact and lightweight size, the palette is easy to carry, allowing artists to take it to art classes, workshops or outdoors.

Additional Benefits

Easy Cleaning: The plastic material is easy to clean after each painting session, preventing residue build-up and facilitating maintenance.

Versatility: The palette is not only useful for painting, but can also be used for other artistic activities such as mixing dyes or preparing artistic media.

Accessibility: Designed with user convenience in mind, this palette offers a practical arrangement of containers, allowing quick and easy access to mixtures and colours.

The Plastic Palette with 12 Containers, with its dimensions of 21x15.5x3 cm, is a must-have addition for any artist looking to improve their organisation and efficiency in the studio. With its functional and durable design, this palette facilitates artistic creation, allowing artists to concentrate on what they do best: creating art.

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