Fine Charcoal 3 sticks in tube

    Fine Charcoal 3 sticks in tube


    Plastic tube with three branches of Talens fine willow charcoal.


    Talens Fine Willow Charcoal Plastic Tube with Three Branches is an essential tool for artists and art-making enthusiasts looking to explore new possibilities in their artwork. This charcoal set, produced by the renowned Talens brand, has been carefully designed to provide a unique drawing and illustration experience.

    Outstanding Features:

        Exceptional Quality:
        This charcoal set is the result of the perfect combination of Talens' handcrafted expertise and high quality materials. The fine willow charcoal branches have been meticulously selected to ensure a smooth and precise stroke.

        Variety of Textures:
        Thanks to the three charcoal branches included in this set, artists have the opportunity to experiment with different textures and line thicknesses. From subtle strokes to bold lines, this set offers unmatched versatility.

        Easy to Handle:
        The plastic tube provides optimal protection for the charcoal sticks, keeping them in perfect condition until the moment of use. In addition, its ergonomic design makes it easy to grip, allowing for precise control while drawing.

        Durability and Resistance:
        Fine willow charcoal branches are manufactured to resist pressure and wear during the drawing process, ensuring a long-lasting and satisfying experience.

    Recommended Uses:

        Artistic Drawing:
        Ideal for artists looking to create sketches, detailed illustrations or artistic expressions that require the subtlety and depth that only high quality charcoal can offer.

        Shadow and Light Studies:
        Charcoal is an essential tool for shading and highlight studies, allowing you to capture the depth and nuances of a scene exceptionally well.

        Preliminary Sketches:
        Perfect for the initial phase of any art project, willow charcoal provides an excellent foundation upon which more complex works can be developed.


    The Plastic Tube with Three Branches of Finas Talens Willow Charcoal is a product that brings together the best in terms of quality, durability and versatility for art lovers. Not only does it guarantee amazing results in your creations, but it also represents an investment in your artistic development. Discover the unlimited potential that this tool can bring to your work and get yours today!

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