Set of Coates Coarse Charcoals 7-9mm.

    Set of Coates Coarse Charcoals 7-9mm.


    Set of Cotaes Willow Fine Charcoal, 12 units of 7-9mm. thickness


    The Sauce Cotaes Fine Charcoal Set is a jewel for lovers of drawing and illustration. This set of 12 units of charcoals, meticulously selected and produced by the prestigious brand Cotaes, is an essential tool that will allow you to explore and express your creativity in a unique way.

    Outstanding Features:

        Variety of Thickness:
        This set includes 12 units of fine willow charcoals with a thickness of 7-9mm. This variability allows you to create delicate and precise strokes, as well as bolder and more expressive lines, adapting to the specific needs of your work.

        Premium quality:
        Each charcoal has been carefully selected and manufactured to the highest quality standards. The smooth texture and uniform consistency ensure a fluid glide over the paper, allowing absolute control over your strokes.

        Durability and Resistance:
        Willow charcoals are known for their durability and strength, meaning they do not break easily and can withstand pressure during the drawing process.

        Practical and Durable Packaging:
        The set comes in a protective case that ensures your charcoals stay in perfect condition until the time of use. This design also makes it easy to transport, allowing you to take your art with you wherever you go.

    Recommended Uses:

        Detailed Drawing:
        Willow fine charcoals are ideal for works that require a high level of detail and precision. From portraits to detailed illustrations, this set gives you the perfect tool to capture every stroke with perfection.

        Shadow and Light Studies:
        Thanks to their soft and malleable texture, these charcoals are exceptional for studying and capturing the subtleties of light and shadow, giving depth and realism to your creations.

        Initial Sketches and Advanced Projects:
        Whether you're sketching the first ideas for a project or creating more elaborate works of art, this set gives you the versatility to take your ideas from conception to realization.


    The Sauce Cotaes Fine Charcoal Set is a must-have tool in any serious artist's arsenal. Its exceptional quality and versatility make it the perfect companion to bring your most ambitious artistic ideas to life. Don't wait any longer to add this gem to your collection of art supplies and unleash your full creative potential.

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