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KUM M1 Pencil Sharpener with Glass...
KUM M1 Pencil Sharpener with Glass...

KUM M1 Pencil Sharpener with Glass Container

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This simply and elegantly designed sharpener contains KUM's high quality sharpening capabilities in a timeless design. The magnesium sharpener is contained in a sturdy glass container that will stand up to rigorous use in the studio or office. Excellent for artists or students.
KUM, based in Erlangen, Germany, has been the world's leading pencil sharpener manufacturer since 1919. KUM sharpeners are distinguished by the excellence of the blades, the manufacturing quality of their products and the wide variety of pencil sharpener styles.


Immerse yourself in the perfection of the KUM magnesium sharpener, a masterpiece of simple and elegant design that fuses functionality with timeless aesthetics. Not only is this sharpener an essential tool for keeping your pencils in tip-top condition, but it also adds a touch of class to your creative space.

Key Features:

    Elegant Design: The sharpener features a simple, elegant design that combines functionality and timeless aesthetics.
    High Quality Sharpening Capabilities: KUM, a world leader since 1919, guarantees precise, long-lasting sharpening for discerning artists.
    Sturdy Glass Bowl: Contained in a sturdy glass container, this sharpener is built to withstand rigorous use in the studio or office.
    Ideal for Artists and Students: Perfect for those who value excellence in their tools, whether in the art studio or academic life.

KUM History: From its headquarters in Erlangen, Germany, KUM has led the way in pencil sharpener manufacturing with a legacy dating back to 1919. Blade excellence, manufacturing quality and a diversity of pencil sharpener styles distinguish KUM in the world of art tools.

In short, the KUM magnesium sharpener is much more than a functional tool; it is a statement of commitment to quality and tradition.
Elevate your creative experience with the German precision that only KUM can offer. Sharpen your pencils with elegance, sharpen with KUM.

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